4 comments on “PLEASE READ!!!! :/

  1. PROK???? OMFG. More like an infamous asshole in SL, for years. I am using an alias since Prok will harass anyone who posts the truth about HER. (yes its a female in RL)

    • Yeah, I seen that its real gender was a female too… to say I was shocked, is an understatement. As far as Prokofy harassing me because of all this, all I have to say is… bring it on. He/She/It brought this onto themselves, and I think they finally met their match. I bow down to no one and I don’t handle being disrespected very well. Prokofy started all this with his/her/its’ unbelievably rude and intolerable attitude. I’m going to see my role to the end, till it’s over. Hopefully, it ends with what has already been said thus far, but if not… I welcome the opportunity to show Prokofy just what a moron they are. 🙂

  2. Just came across this post and one by Prokofy.
    I have been in land business for over 4 years and this is most amusing (your neighbor’s behavior) and hilarious (how Prokofy handled it) incident I have come across.
    Glad you moved from that land.

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